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New Years Day '19

Victoria BurgessComment

I wanted to write about something about the planning that goes into making goals, getting organized, and staying organized. It takes time. The end of the whole year is a pretty big deal and looms ahead over the course of December and the holidays. It’s a national and almost whole world thing that happens. There are parties and fireworks. What I’m saying is it’s easy to remember and to plan for. But to reevaluate goals from month to month and keep moving forward is more difficult. I think I go from month to month just holding on. It’s not always easy to stop at the the end of the month or at the start of a week, depending on how often I reflect and planning is needed, and do some thinking. 

So one of my yearly goals is to actually goal plan more. To write things down more, to break down goals and tasks.. At the very moment that I feel overwhelmed and just want to escape is the moment to revisit my goals and make changes. This is just as true for my knitting life as it is for the rest of my life. I cast on more carelessly or make choices that will impact several months of work in a second if I'm not totally aware of what my goals are.

My action plan is no tv in January and to take on #bulletjournalling more fully. I got Ryder Carol’s book for Christmas and I’m ready to daily log my way to being more focused. 

I will listen to more audiobooks, podcasts, and knitting video podcasts. I have my finishing WIP marathon to continue and a couple of new designs to work on. 

Also, I do want to note that it is okay to loose sight of goals, to forget, and to change plans. There’s no perfect way to live or to be. I definitely needed more energy this winter and getting things accomplished provides that big time. One of the best things is waking up excited about my knitting project and jumping out of bed to knit. I hope that can happen more and more.

I spent about two hours today making a list of lists. I wrote about things I need to do like taking care of my car and doing my taxes as well as knitting goals and design goals. It’s a lot of things but I have a lot of time to do them. Looking at all I wrote down I was momentarily overwhelmed with it all. Then I remembered that I do have many months to work on things and nothing has to be done today. Big deep breath. I think maybe I avoid goal planning because I end of feeling overwhelmed.

I’ll try and check in about how things go in a few weeks.