victorious wool


Who am I?

Hello, I’m Victoria and I’m a knitter in love with yarn. From woolier farm yarns to hand dyed beauties (what I call dessert yarn and yarn candy) I enjoy all the fibers and all the colors. You might find me in neutrals and/or bright colors. Don’t make me choose between them, I couldn’t do it. My favorite yarns right now are Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Craggy Tweed and Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock! 

Where am I?

I live on an island close to Seattle. I love the green, damp, dreary winters (perfect for knitting and watching Netflix), I’m always sad to see it go. But then summer arrives and I’m in heaven. The climate and culture here definitely influence my designs, you can often get away with just a hat, shawl, and gloves. The saying, “if you’re cold just throw on a sweater,” really does often apply in Cascadia. 

What am I?

I’m a knitter, a yoga teacher, a plant lover, a farmer, a reader, a baker, a walker and a hiker, a watcher of tv shows, and a podcast listener. I get excited about learning new subjects, new things, and new perspectives. From philosophy to design, variety spices up my life. The differences between people fascinate me and I always have more books checked out from the library than I could ever read before they are due. 

When did I learn how to knit?

My German grandmother knit but I was never taught by her. I learned for the first time at 12 by Hannah, a German women who live down the street. I was motivated by the lack of ballet knitwear available for tall girls and I had dreams of the most fabulous long leg warmers. At 18 I learned again from a sister-in-law and after many efforts to complete a project I finally got the basics. I knit (legwarmers) through college, envious of the sock knitter in my physics class (how masterful to be able to knit socks in physics!) and slowly improved. It took a decade for the obsession to really take hold. In the last few years I have been organic vegetable farming and while in the fields I dreamed of knitting designs and yarn. Upon hearing my declarations of knitting love while harvesting carrots my farming coworker told me, “it sounds like knitting is really what you should be doing.” So here I am. 

Victorious Wool came out of my need to challenge what I had been telling myself was possible. 'You can be this but not that' and 'you can do these things but not those.' All the social contradictions of ‘do what you love’ and ‘make lots of money’ didn’t provide a discernible pathway. Making things up as I go along has proved to be the most inspiring. Its always challenging but also never felt more right.